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                Product Demand

                We can provide you with personalized customization according to your needs. Please fill out the form as shown below.

                What is customization?

                You only need to fill in your needs and purpose. We will provide personalized customization for you.

                Contact us

                You may also contact us by the following ways.

                Handler is Committed to the Intelligent
                Equipment Manufacturing

                We are committed to the intelligent equipment manufacturing to strive to be industry expert and pioneer.
                We are engaged in all activities in good faith to be the creator of social well-being.
                The Handler sets up 11 branches and subsidiaries in Xuzhou, Suzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai and other places around the intelligent equipment manufacturing field and based on the industry and resource characteristics, including four national high-tech enterprises, two intelligent manufacturing research institutes and one provincial inspection center.


                  Here, you could have access to the latest trends about Handler and the industry's hottest information.
                      About Handler
                      We are committed to the intelligent equipment manufacturing to strive to be industry expert and pioneer.
                      • 1
                        Chinese first listed company in vehicle-mounted mobile elevating work platform industry.
                      • 10.29
                        Registered capital of RMB 1.029 billion .
                      • 25.76
                        Total assets of RMB 2.576 billion at the end of 2016 .